About Revival Point

Revival Point LLC is an innovated health company founded and located in New York City. Our unique range of gut and microbiome health products take a wide approach towards boosting health, energy and mood for adults.

As knowledge about the microbiome and gut health increase, Revival Point aims to provide unique and new discoveries to customers before other companies, including probiotic and prebiotic nutrients as well as digestive enzymes.

Revival Point LLC works hand-in-hand with researchers and doctors on our original formulas to ensure they are well researched and effective.

To contact us about buying a product, call 855-828-2772, 9AM - 6PM, Monday - Friday.

For help with an existing order, visit our Contact Us page.

GUARANTEE: All products come with a 90 day guarantee. You'll be able to get your money back any time within the next 90 days by calling or emailing our support staff. This is a full refund and includes both shipping, tax and the entire cost of the product. Reach out to us any time.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: You can reach out to customer service 24/7 either by phone or by email. Just write to help@revivalpointllc.com or call us at 800-253-8173 to talk to someone.